The company Anitex from Bosilegrad has a long tradition in manufacturing socks for women, man and children. Founded in 1991, as a small craft shop, for a short period of time became a successful company, recognized for its production of high quality socks with modern design. The full range is manufactured from high quality materials by renowned manufacturer of classic nylon, cotton, polyamide, Lycra and microfiber. Anitex’s aim is to continuously improve the production and by creating a high quality products to become one of the most successful manufacturer of socks in the domestic market.

The production line consists of modern machines, depending on the type and the yarn used, that can produce a wide range of products. The company currently manufactures and sells socks in all three programs in several collections. Wide range of colors, imaginative designs and quality are knitting trade mark Anitex socks and quality knitting are the trade mark of Anitex.

Fashion program for trendy women

Women program

Modern desig kids hosiery.

Children hosiery

Elegant and sport collections for men.

Men hosiery